How to Factory Reset or Flash Firmware for Your Keychron Q11 keyboard?

Troubleshooting? Or don't know what's going on with the keyboard? You may try factory reset.

Note: If everything works fine with your keyboard. Please don’t flash the firmware. There is a chance it can damage your keyboard.

Since the Q11 is a split keyboard, the left and right sides need to be refreshed separately

1. Plug in the power cable and bridge cable, then factory reset the keyboard by pressing fn + J + Z (for 4 seconds). 

2. Download the Q11 firmware and download the QMK Toolbox. (If the download link below does not work, use this link:

The Q11 firmware

The QMK Toolbox

3. Unplug the power cable and bridge cable from the keyboard.

4. Open the QMK Toolbox.

5. Now let's flash the left half.

a) Remove the left space bar keycap to find the reset button on the left side of the space bar switch on the PCB.

b) Press down and hold the left reset button.

c) Plug in the power cable into the left USB C port. The keyboard will enter into DFU mode. Then, the QMK Toolbox will display in yellow words "***DFU device connected".

d) Click open and choose the Keychron Q11 firmware. Click the Flash button. It will start flashing. (Note: DO NOT unplug the power cable while it's flashing.)

e) Wait a few seconds and when you see the content below, it means the left half has flashed successfully factory reset. 

6. Now let't repeat the steps from a) to e) on the right half keyboard and flash the firmware again.

7. Plug in the power cable and bridge cable, and factory reset the keyboard again by pressing fn + J + Z (for 4 seconds).

If VIA can't pair with your Keychron Q11 after you tried flashing, you need to follow these steps:

Please keep the bridge cable plugging in when you use VIA

1. Reconnect your keyboard power cable.

2. If VIA still doesn’t pair together after you reconnect the power cable, download the Keychron Q11 keymap JSON file.

3. Unplug your keyboard from your computer.

4. Open VIA.
Step 1: Turn on "Show Design tab" on "SETTINGS" tab.

Step 2: Click the “DESIGN” section.
Step 3: Drag the JSON file to the tab and then click the "CONFIGURE" section to customize the keymap.

5. Replug your keyboard.
6. VIA should pair together with the Keychron Q11 now.

You may contact if a defect covered by the warranty arises in your product within the warranty period. Keychron will honor the warranty of our Q and V series keyboard (e.g.: Q1, Q2, V1, V2, etc.) by one of the following methods at our discretion:

- Defects of Q and V series keyboards have been caused by manufacturing: We will only replace the defective parts of the keyboard, not the whole keyboard, as its highly customizable and easy to be rebuilt.

- Defects of Q and V series keyboards have been caused by disassembling our product, improper installation, non-factory repairs/modifications, improper adjustment of the product, or neglect, including but not limited to “burn-in”, and similar wrongful use: We will NOT offer free service. We only offer paid service to replace the defective parts at your own cost (including the cost of parts, shipping fee and tax if applicable).