How to Flash the Firmware for the Lemokey Receiver

(1) This tutorial can only be applied to the receivers of the following 2.4G wireless keyboard:

 Keyboards: L, P, P Pro (ANSI Keyboards / Barebone / ISO keyboards)

 (2) If everything works fine with your receiver, please don’t update its firmware. There is a chance it can cause damage.

Step 1: Download and open the update tool (Lemokey Firmware Updater).


Step 2: Plug the Receiver Type-A into your Windows PC.

 Note: Make sure to connect only one Lemokey receiver to your computer. If you have multiple Lemokey receivers, please flash each one by one.

 Then click on the 'Get Version' button to check your current receiver firmware version.


Step 3: Please download the correct firmware for your receiver.

Download Type-A receiver firmware

*Firmware version 0.2.4. updated on March 29, 2024
-Fixed swapped "power" and "sleep" key issue.

Click on the 'Browse' button, select the firmware you have just downloaded, and then click on the 'Update' button to start flashing the firmware.


Step 4: Now you have updated the Receiver firmware successfully. You can click on the 'Get Version' button again and check to see if the receiver firmware is the latest version.