How To Program Backlight Keys On VIA

If you want to change the backlight keys, or have accidentally changed some of the backlight function keys on layer 1 or 3 and want to change them back, please follow this tutorial:

1. Connect your QMK/VIA enabled Keychron keyboard to your computer.
2. Please download the correct keymap JSON file if the VIA fail to authorize your keyboard. Since it takes time for Github to approve our VIA code submission, some keymap JSON files may not be automatically recognized at the moment. You can download the keymap JSON file by searching “keymap working on VIA” on the keyboard product page.
3. Once you downloaded the keymap JSON file, please go to the VIA, and turn on "Show Design tab" in the "Settings" tab.
4. Drag the JSON file into the “Design” tab on the VIA.

5. Click on Configure tab, click on QMK LIGHTING, you can choose and program the backlight keys from here. (Don't click on lighting, it will cause a BUG on VIA).

How to access VIA?

Please click here to open the VIA. (Online VIA can only be opened by browsers based on Chrome currently.)